Big Data. 
Big Insights.
How big data is creating tomorrow's customer experiences to drive revenue
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CX Measurement has come a long way in the past decade – making it simpler to collect and analyze experience feedback. 

CX leaders are turning to Big-Data driven CX programs that integrate feedback data with transactional data – to assign financial value to actions their companies can take to improve customer experiences and drive sales. 

In this e-Book, you’ll learn how leading CX programs are integrating sales data, location data, and other operational metrics to make CX insights more actionable at every level of the organization.  
“The CX IQ program has helped guide 75% of our retailer’s stores to make changes we otherwise wouldn’t have known to make – and the result has been higher revenues.”
Fredrik Törn, Head of Insight, Analytics and Intelligence & Head of CRM, Coop Sverige AB
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